Happy Halloween

What’s Dracula’s favorite thing to draw?

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Cheeky Chums, Best Friends, Office Monsters, Monster Pals, and Wooluns will surface again on the new site! New photos will include close-ups showing line detail and spotlights on Noggin Neighbors, both of which were not available on the old site. Here are a few pics of the old site if you want to reminisce.

Website Update

Continuing to take photos of old and new illustrations. If time allows, I hope to make more progress through the week. New stuffed animals and unseen illustrations on the way!!!

Working On It

Guzu Gallery – Untitled Show

“I Have Friends as Long as They are High” Guzu Gallery has it’s Untitled show up right now and through the end of the month. I love that there are no pop culture crutches here: each piece comes straight from the artist’s own imagination, and I loved what everyone did. It would be great to see more shows like this around town. Check it out at the Gallery, or visit their online store on Monday 13 to see more.

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“Hrmphhhft” “Hrmphhhft” “Hrmphhhft”

Cult Cinema Sunday – Heathers

Cult Cinema Sunday has gathered a really great selection of alt movie posters by some amazing artists and it’s definitely worth checking out. You can pick up the Heathers print I contributed to the show at: Print information: 3 color screen print, numbered, limited edition of 40.

Creature Close-Ups