Found! Lorre Prints

My remaining Peter Lorre prints went missing a while back and by coincidence they reappeared today…on Halloween. These prints are the last of the run that were printed for Guzu Gallery Presents – Icons of Horror in 2014 and they are currently available on my site for purchase. Spooky!!

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Happy Halloween

What’s Dracula’s favorite thing to draw?

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Cheeky Chums, Best Friends, Office Monsters, Monster Pals, and Wooluns will surface again on the new site! New photos will include close-ups showing line detail and spotlights on Noggin Neighbors, both of which were not available on the old site. Here are a few pics of the old site if you want to reminisce.

Website Update

Continuing to take photos of old and new illustrations. If time allows, I hope to make more progress through the week. New stuffed animals and unseen illustrations on the way!!!

Working On It