In Katrina Muir’s work, the beastly and beautiful exist as one. They live together and befriend
each other with the acceptance that comes with viewing the world through the hazy eyes of
innocence. Through youth’s affinity of improvised adventure, passed on to us from generations
whose childhoods seem far away, we can see this world as a little less scary. In this reality
created with thousands of tiny lines of ink, the gruesome, surreal, delightful and unwanted
come together in images of love and harmony.

A freelance illustrator from Norman, Oklahoma, Katrina Muir received her BFA in Studio Art at the
University of Oklahoma before moving to Austin, Texas where she has lived and worked for the
last decade. Her illustrations are created using lightfast ink and vintage nibs. Katrina’s large-scale
paintings have been shown and sold regionally. With her husband, Dylan Muir, she co-founded
RolyPolyPress, a small publishing company focusing on art and poetry books.